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24 DAYS OF X-MAS / Ugly Accessories

Could I even create a Christmas series without mentioning them? The jewelry, the hats, the socks and the pajamas. All these delightful and comfy pieces of clothing we all own. From January 1st to November 31, these items are minimalist, plain or even boring some would say. But when it comes to Christmas, brands go all in and I couldn’t love it more.

Many blogs share their favorite Christmas sweaters and I decided to do things a bit differently. We’ve all seen Asos Christmas collection countless times, it’s time to look further.

Ugly Accessories

We all call them ugly but if I’m being completely honest with you, I love a good pair of festive slippers. Today I’ve picked for you a bunch of funny and colorful items, ranging from beanies to phone cases. There’s a few I want to buy asap for myself and a few others I can think of buying as stocking fillers.

That Christmas tree hat for example is just the perfect gift, such as that phone case. If you know someone who adores ridiculous gifts, that loo roll is THE one. I also love the different socks and slippers, they’re the perfect accessories to stay warm and comfy.

You’ll notice also I tried to pick very affordable items. Christmas is fun, it’s all about eating, spending a great time and gifting but you have to think about your bank account too.

24 DAYS OF X-MAS / Ugly Accessories on NinetyCo by Jessica Woods
Phone Case / $12.95 Santa Hat Headband / $6.40 Slipper Socks / $10 Loo Roll / $10 Ornament & Jingle Bell Necklace / $6.40 Christmas Tree TinselEarrings / $4 Reindeer Beanie / $10 Santa Scuff Slippers / $25 Blinking Light Bulb Earrings / $4.80 Slippers House Booties / $40 Christmas Tree Hat / $22.40

Do you own some festive pieces of clothing?
What are your favorite ugly accessories?

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