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24 DAYS OF X-MAS / Wine Tags


The 24 Days of X-Mas are back today with a free printable!

I love having cute but simple crafty things on my table when I’m celebrating, I just think it adds a little bit more personality to the table and it can be a great opportunity to be more creative. If you have children, it can also be used as a bonding moment. There’s nothing cuter than a kid using his little fingers to create something from scratch.

For this freebie, scissors are needed but your child can totally be the one putting the tags on if you trust him enough with bottles.


wine tags

All you’ll need is the free PDF, a pair of scissors or a x-acto knife (which is way better if you have one), some sheets of paper, a printer and of course some bottles of wine, or any other alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.


Each wine tag is different, as I tried to satisfy as many people as I could. Everyone is celebrating Christmas differently, some are partying, some people are gathering with their family, and some don’t necessarily drink alcohol. I also wanted to match each one of your color themes for Christmas; whether you’re respecting the traditions with red, white and green or having a black and white Christmas tree.

My biggest hope is for you to find at least one tag matching your preferences.


All in all, I tried to make these wine tags fun. No matter your religion or familial situation, Christmas is a moment of joy if you’re celebrating it, so I wanted you to smile big and enjoy the holiday. Even if it’s just by drinking wine with a paper ornament.

The best thing about these wine tags is that you can also gift them. Bringing a little something to as a guest is always a good idea!

How are you liking this first printable? Did you ever use wine tags?

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