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24 DAYS OF X-MAS / Gifts For Kids

After a very appreciated (thank you so much) Gift Ideas for Everyone and my own Christmas Wishlist, I’m not done yet with the gift ideas! We all have a nephew, the little girl of our best friend or even our own children to spoil for Christmas and I obviously couldn’t let them out. For this guide, I thought ‘cute’ and ‘colorful’ and I must say the end result is quite nice.

Gifts For Kids

When it comes to toys and other goodies, I’m quite demanding. I just think buying electronics isn’t the best idea until a certain age and I prefer items made of wood instead of plastic and other unpronounceable components. Call me old school but I’d rather my niece to have a teddy bear than an iPad.

24 DAYS OF X-MAS / Gifts For Kids on NinetyCo by Jessica Woods

Among these gifts for kids, I wouldn’t mind the taco booties myself, they’re just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and look extremely comfy. Play food is always an awesome idea, and this toy is made of wood so it’s even better. The laundry hamper is most used by the parents but it’s a great way to teach the kids to put their dirty clothes somewhere cute. Do I even need to talk about the pillow? It’s the greatest thing for our little adventurers.

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WagonLaundry HamperSleep RomperTaco BootiesCamp Fire PillowWooly MammothFridge Play Food

Do you have some children to spoil? Any idea what you’re going to get them?

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