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7 Free Life-Changing Applications

Us, millennials, are living in a society where social media is everywhere. While it is quite sad to rely on a smartphone, we have to admit some applications are doing an amazing job. I have a bunch of useless ones, an even greater number of stupid games but among those, a few are smashing it!

When I say ‘life-changing applications’, I don’t want you to get overexcited. What works for me might not work for you, and vice versa. But, I think these apps might help you save a lot of time, get organized and keep you healthy. In my opinion, it seems difficult to offer anything better than that.

In this post, I’ve picked three different categories to order my thoughts and make it easier for you to find the ones you might like. If you don’t work out, I don’t think a fitness application is going to be life-changing.

My Top 7 of Free Life-Changing Applications — NinetyCo


It’s with no surprise I’m starting with Business applications. I work from home, I run a business and I’m my own boss. Business is kind of my thing. But just like anyone out there, I do need tools to help me throughout the day.

Evernote: This, ladies and gentlemen, is the best application I have ever used in my entire life. I’m not going to lie, I was working quite well without it. Since I do use it daily however, I’m not sure I could ever do without. What is Evernote? An application working across all platforms with the same account. It means you can stay organized at home on your computer, or while you’re away on your phone. You can save web pages and images with the web clipper and even search for text inside images. If you’re working within a team, you’re able to share and discuss notes on the work chat. These are all free options of course. You can have access to amazing premium features for less than $60 a year.

WordPress: To say it’s life-changing would be a lie as it probably works better if your website still has the wordpress domain extension (yourwebsite . wordpress . com). If you have a self-hosted site like mine, but use WordPress as your editor, you can still log in. I use this application mainly to moderate my comments if I’m on the go.

Paypal: Most of the time, if I’m purchasing something and I have the choice between a normal payment gateway and Paypal, I’ll pick Paypal. Besides, the payments coming from my shop orders also work with Paypal. Having the application is just an easier way to check my account real quick or to see if I have any ongoing transaction.

My Top 7 of Free Life-Changing Applications — NinetyCo


Among my billion passions, Fitness is one of them. I work out, I take great care of what I eat and I like to keep track of my weight, my mood and overall wellness.

Nike+ Training: As I mentioned in my fitness post a few days ago, I work out every single day, and as I’m no expert I needed some professional guidance. As I said in that previous article, I cycle for about 30minutes and then do a bit of fitness. To do so, I use one of the many Nike applications (a lot are available: Nike+ Run Club – Nike+ Fuel – Nike+ Move) and this one is especially made for training. What I love the most is the overall design. Each exercise is explained through a video and you can choose your workout plan. Whether you’re wanna lose weight, gain muscles or get fit, it’s up to you. You can also apply from a long-term program and every few days a new workout is made available. You can track your activity and exchange with your friends, which can motivate you. All of this for free.

Asana Rebel: After each workout, I do a bit of yoga to stretch and maintain flexibility. Yoga is still fairly new to me and I usually just do a 5 to 10-minute routine. This application does the trick and really helps to start practicing. Every day you can pick your routine through a bunch of videos, and just as the Nike app, you can see the moves as you’re doing them. The goal of Asana Rebel is to encourage you to practice yoga every day and you can track how well you’re doing on a calendar.

My Top 7 of Free Life-Changing Applications — NinetyCo


Lifesum: When I say life-changing applications, this one surely is. Every since I work out I need a bigger amount of calories and the app helped me realize I was missing almost a meal worth of calories every day. What does it mean? I wasn’t eating enough and could have easily passed out.

Lifesum is making healthy living easier. Wether you want to lose weight, gain muscles or eat better, the app has something for you. Their tagline is: Whatever your health goal, Lifesum is exactly what you need to make it happen. and it’s just that actually. Every day you can track what you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And you can also add a snack and your daily exercise. In return, the application is counting the calories, telling you if you need more proteins or if you already ate too much carbs. The premium version provides daily recipes you can make according to your health plan.

Clue: This application is strictly for women as it helps you with your menstrual cycle. I don’t use it to keep up with the dates, but for all the other fun aspects. I’m able to track blood flow, pain, mood swing, sleep quality, appetite, skin, etc. You just have to submit how you’re feeling, how much you’re eating and you can then compare each month. I’m now feeling a bit better but back in the days, I used to have absolute horrible back pains (to the point where I was missing school every month for a few days) and my PMS —PreMenstrual Symptom, was severe

Do you have any life-changing applications to recommend? Are you using some of the ones I’ve mentioned?

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  • Florence and Constance

    I’ve heard a few people talk about some of these! I’m definitely going to have to get them now.. xx

  • Erin Kane

    I love Asana Rebel! I highly recommend this to everyone as it’s great for beginners and experiences yogis! Great post!

  • Victoria

    Great list! 🙂 I hadn’t heard of many of these. I never quite got the hang of Evernote, which sounds silly because I know so many people love it. I just didn’t understand its full potential, I guess.

    One of my favorite life-changing apps Pacer to count my walking steps daily, and Mint, to keep track of all my finances and bills- it’s so helpful.

    • Jessica

      Not at all! Many people use and love Snapchat today and I’m still trying to understand its purpose haha. We all have a few apps we’ll never understand! I’ll definitely check Pacer, thank you 🙂

  • Gabrielle

    I definitely need to get the PayPal app on my phone – such a practical way of speeding things up and checking on the go. A couple of other apps in this post have caught my eye too – thanks so much for the mass of info! 🙂

  • Sophie

    I love Asana Rebel. I would add google drive to the list.

    • Jessica

      You are so right! I totally forgot to mention it…

  • Jessica

    I love asanrebel but have you heard of SWORKIT?! Life changing 🙂
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

    • Jessica

      I just downloaded it! I can’t wait to try it out 🙂

  • Laura Mitbrodt

    I’m totally going to get the Yoga one! Thank you for sharing all of these

  • Emily

    Thanks for sharing these! What a bunch of great apps. As a millennial myself, I love the idea of apps that can make my life easier on the go! I have actually avoided downloading WordPress though, because I feel like I will become to obsessive if I can easily access it haha. 🙂


    • Jessica

      I honestly just use it if I’m on the go. I moderate comments throughout the day on my computer.

  • Lisa Linh

    Paypal is a total must for business. Loved all the tips given!

    Lisa Linh

  • Lou M.

    These seem great, i really wanna try the Asana Rebel one, thanks for sharing!

    • Jessica

      I’m no expert in yoga but I do think it’s great!

  • Carol and Vero

    Interesting post! Too bad I don’t have any space left on my phone for new apps.. :/

    Enter our giveaway and win Aussie dry shampoo! 🙂
    GIVEAWAY – Aussie!

    • Jessica

      If you ever change phone, come back there and download a few 😉

  • Sweet Poppy

    So interested! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Keri

    Definitely checking these out!!

    Enclothed Cognition

  • The Fashion Folks

    So many of these sounds great! I love wordpress, it’s a great editor. And have heard so much good about Evernote too. Have a lovely week! Xx

    • Jessica

      If you’ve never tried it, you should definitely take a look at Evernote!

  • Josie

    Ok so I NEED to download that Nike app – it sounds awesome and super helpful! I definitely need some guidance with my exercise routines x

    Sick Chick Chic

  • Cindy Elena

    Lifesum sounds amazing. Def going to try this one out.

    xo | cindy

  • Aastha

    Love the layout of your blog!

    • Jessica

      Thank you so much Aastha! I’ve designed it myself 😉

  • Rena

    Thanks, what you recommend here is new for me!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    • Jessica

      I’m glad I could give you some new advice then 🙂

  • Leah

    I use an app similar to clue. I don’t think many women use an app to keep track, but it is so helpful. I think its a great idea.

    xx Leah

    • Jessica

      Periods are just so important in a woman’s life, whether we want it or not, so I think it’s great to keep track.

  • Camille

    Great post, thanks for sharing 🙂

    Camille xo


    Such a great post – thanks for sharing. The pictures are awesome!
    xx Mirjam

  • Monique | WritingMonique

    Great app suggestions! Evernote sounds like a lifesaver!

  • Nora Gouma

    Love your amazing post, really inspiring, thank you for sharing and the tips, cannot wait for the next post!!!


  • Violette

    Great post and tips! I always use Nike Training when I’m going for a run and I couldn’t go without it!

  • Mary

    I should def check out the LifeSum app! Great post! Have a great week ahead x Mary

  • The Sunday Mode

    It’s not a life changing app but since I’ve started using the ‘Unum’ app planning and organising my Instagram feed is SO much easier.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • Jessica

      ‘Unum’ you said? I’m definitely keeping that in mind, thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  • Julia Szczechowicz

    Look great! Although not with my phone constantly moaning about not enough storage! :/ 🙂

    • Jessica

      It was the exact same for me before! Ever since I changed phone I’m the happiest girl in the world

  • Richel V.

    I would Pocket Expense. It basically just track my expenses and shows if I’m over or under my budget. There’s a lot more complex budgeting apps but this one is a life saver for me since it’s really easy to use and has a clean interface.

    xx, Richel V. | Richel Goes Places

    • Jessica

      I’ve never heard about this app! I’m actually just using the app from my bank. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Kierra

    I love paypal, always my go to!

    • Jessica

      Checking my account has never been easier 😉

  • Dominique

    How did I not know WordPress has an app?! This is amazing news! Haha xx

  • Helena Primeira

    So nice post 🙂


  • Caitlin

    I had Evernote but never got into using it! I really need to give it another chance haha!

    Caitlin, Beauty & Colour

    • Jessica

      It’s doing such a great job at making mine easier!

  • Carolina

    I would de definitely check out the ones that I don’t know, thanks for sharing!

    Carolina 😉

  • vanessa

    such a great post!


  • Antonia

    Amazing post. I’m only using PayPal. Definitely going to check some of those you mentioned. I need more apps in my life. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  • Katherine

    I might check out that app since I want to start yoga! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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