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Understand Your Monthly Report

It might not seem like it but I’m a fairly new blogger. Well, at least on NinetyCo. As I mentioned in How To Enjoy Blogging, I’ve been blogging for at least 7 years. However, when it comes to blogging since creating my own business, it’s been about two months. Yes two months, you read that right. I share lots of tips and you might get the impression I know a lot —I do okay, I’ve went to school; but when it comes to this particular blog I’m a complete newbie.

The thing is, I love being a newbie. Before you cringe, let me tell you how awesome it is.

Micro Blogger

I’m not concerned by blogger politics and my business is drama free. Without a hundred of followers, my audience is there because she wants to be there. I don’t get millions of useless views. Because my blog is a small website, I remain approachable and my engagement is high. I swear, have you seen the number of comments I get per posts? I’m not bragging here, but compare my engagement to the ‘massive’ blogs. Many popular bloggers barely get above 20 comments per post. For thousands of hundreds of page views, that’s pretty low and between me and you, so frustrating.

What I’m trying to say here? Even if you’re running a small blog, you should be damn proud of you.

How To Understand Your Monthly Report + Free Resource — NinetyCo

Monthly Report

I’ve decided to post monthly report to bring confidence to people. Many bloggers out there become frustrated when they don’t get collaboration opportunities and lack motivation.

I’m here today to show you my own little success and give you a bunch of tips to understand your monthly reports and grow from there.

Social Media

Bloglovin’: 14 > 56

Instagram: 508 > 570

Pinterest: 2944 > 3654

Twitter: 319 > 332

Let’s take a closer look at my stats. As you can see, my overall following grew, however it didn’t grow at the same path. On Pinterest, I gained 700+ followers, whereas I only gained 13 on Twitter.


Page Views: 3485 > 5561

Visitors: 728 > 1244

Posts: 16 > 20

Comments: 264 > 695

Overall, my analytics exponentially grew. I barely posted more articles but my comments have more than doubled, which means the engagement has mean amazing in January. I also gained a lot of visitors and had 2000+ more page views. After just two months of blogging, you can see I’m on the right way, as my online presence improved.

Take Action

The most important thing to remember each month is to take action after filling your monthly report.

1. Analyze Your Numbers

The numbers is the first thing you need to focus one. Write them down, compare to the previous months and determine if you made progress. If you did, keep up the good work, if you didn’t, try to understand why and try to do better the next month. If I look at my own monthly report, I did an amazing job on Pinterest and totally sucked at Twitter; aka I know I’ll have to do more in February to grow my Twitter.

2. See What Worked and What Didn’t

Numbers are important but they won’t do it all. They’re just digits and you are the one with the brain. You have to understand which type of posts worked and which didn’t. Most of my comments came from Blogging Tips, I can now determine that my audience is interested in that topic and ready to engage. I can also see that my overall content has been appreciated as more people subscribed on Bloglovin’ to never miss a post. Last but not least, it would seem my Instagram grew but not as much as I had hoped for which means I have to work harder on that too.

3. Make A Choice

This is where you decide how to focus some extra energy and time. You can either focus on what worked and keep growing this part or take action on what didn’t work and try to improve these numbers. You won’t be able to do both. For example, I can either post more Blogging Tips and please my audience with content they like or focus on my Instagram and Twitter to attract more people and maybe develop a bigger niche.

4. Be Patient

You won’t see results immediately, even in the next monthly report. You might need to wait three or four months to see small changes. Do you think Beyoncé became Beyoncé overnight? No she didn’t. What I’m saying here is that you might be the next Beyoncé, you just don’t know it yet. Working for what you want is time consuming, and it might sound pointless but I promise you, you will see results soon enough.

In just two months, I’ve worked my ass off and manage to gather a loyal audience. If Beyoncé did it, if I did it, you can do it too!

Are you keeping track of your numbers thanks to monthly report?