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Small House And Great Outdoor

I won’t lie to you, I rather take care of the interior decoration (by far).

While I do enjoy a colorful bouquet offered by a person I love and cactus in my living room, I don’t have a green thumb. I also become easily scared if faced with bugs. As you must imagine, I’m often hanging in my garden to get a tan and be in charge of the barbecue, not to cultivate my own vegetables. However, it doesn’t stop me from being an outdoor type so today I thought we could talk a bit more about exteriors.

Great Outdoor

You can’t just choose a house because of your love for the fireplace in the living area. The space surrounding your future home must have as much importance; this is why I’m sharing with you what the perfect outdoor would look like for me.

I love being outside and hearing the singing of small birds. This is something putting a smile on my face immediately. I would also love to have a big family, with my kids and dogs running around, hence my love for great spaces. I want the ability for my children to have enough room to play, while still having a bit of intimacy. These places are the perfect in between. Many trees to feel protected and close to nature with large patches of grass. As you’ll notice, I wouldn’t say no to a pool either.

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Are you the kind of person to get your hands dirty to get rid of weeds or the kind to enjoy the sun while lying down?

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