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Modern Farmhouse in the Countryside

EXTERIOR / Modern Farmhouse in the Countryside — NinetyCo

beautiful farmhouse

Whether it’s because I just left Paris and his air pollution or because I’m a nature lover at heart, there is something very appealing about farmhouses. I can perfectly imagine myself living in the middle of nowhere, with dogs running in the grass and kids laughing under the bright sky. After living for so many years in a big city, I do admit there are quite a lot of good aspects: transports, facilities, etc. Since I moved house however, I do realize I’m not that lost. I still go to town, I just take my bike. I still go out, but instead of going to the supermarket, I go local.

EXTERIOR / Modern Farmhouse in the Countryside — NinetyCo

the essentials

First and foremost, time changed and people evolved. Having chickens, horses and/or dogs isn’t a necessity anymore. You can live in a farmhouse without exactly being a farmer. However, you do need to love nature, great spaces and wooden pieces. If you’re more of a city fella and enjoy seeing skyscrapers from your living room, this might not be the kind of lifestyle made for you.

As I mentioned, wood is an essential. More often than not, your house will be surrounded by a big yard. Flowers, bushes or trees, you name it but you chose a life made of green. And that’s not it! Your house itself will most certainly have an exterior cladding and interior finishes in wood, such as solid beams. You’re not bound to leave it natural, you can paint your beams white if you want, or yellow. (Between you and me, I do prefer a nice rich brown color.

EXTERIOR / Modern Farmhouse in the Countryside — NinetyCo

The second essential is lighting. I’m not sure you’ve noticed, but farmhouses tend to have a lot of windows. They’re not necessarily massive but the sun sure goes in and that’s always good. We all know natural light is way better for our health than artificial light. And since you’re now surrounded by nature, it might also be a good time to think about your well-being.

Last but not least, decoration. This is what transforms a ‘house’ into a ‘home’ and gives charm to the whole. Whether it’s with glass jars, beautiful lamps, cushions or homemade prints, you want your farmhouse to look comfortable and inviting. This is a place of gathering where you want to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas in the warmth of your living room. To make the place yours is all you really need.

My Picks

To help you in your furnishing, I’ve picked some items I would love to have in my own farmhouse. This wooden tray would look amazing in the kitchen and the blanket could become a daily companion on the couch facing the fireplace. You don’t need to go farmhouse mad and buy every wooden piece of furniture you see but you got the idea.

What are you thinking about this inspiration?