A Guide For Affordable Activewear

When it comes to activewear I’m super picky. I need clothes that fit perfectly, shoes that don’t hurt my ankles and good quality without ruining myself. I picked for you my favorite pieces from H&M, Nike, Adidas, Gymshark and SheIn.

As mentioned in a previous post, I also really like Showpo. As well as Victoria Secret and Monday Active.


A good pair of sneakers is essential, no matter what you practice. Wether you run, cycle, train at the gym or walk down the beach, you need something that will hold your feet in place without hurting. You will also need great basics: leggings, shirts, bras, etc. My favorites? Those you can sweat in like a pig without actually feeling you’re sweating like a pig. Last but not least, accessories. You will need a good water bottle, hydration is everything and it can prevent from cramps. You will also need hairbands, your new life savers. To pack all your stuff, a gym bag is another essential. I particularly like this pink one!

The Ultimate Guide For Affordable Activewear — NinetyCo
Color Block Leggings by SheIn – Mesh Leggings by SheIn – Bralette by Gymshark – Flex Leggings by Gymshark
The Ultimate Guide For Affordable Activewear — NinetyCo
1. Ultimate Woven Shorts by Adidas – 2. Free Run Shoes by Nike – 3. Shape Bra by Nike – 4. Sweatshirt by H&M – 5. Yoga Mat by Alo Yoga – 6. Leggings by H&M – 7. Hairbands by H&M – 8. Sports Bra by Nike – 9. Ombré Leggings by Nike – 10. Track shorts by Adidas – 11. Windrunner jacket by Nike – 12. Top by Puma 13. Sports Bra by Puma – 14. Water Bottle by Swell – 15. PUMA Puma Powershape Knee Capris by Puma – 16. Gym Bag – 17. Sneakers by Nike

Where do you usually shop?