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Stay In Shape While Working From Home

Being my own boss has its perks. Working from my own home studio definitely has its perks. Taking some time off to workout and stay healthy is harder. To make it simple, each advantages you can find in being an entrepreneur has its downsides.

In your mind, you’re probably thinking ‘I can work in pjs nobody sees me’. The reality states: Skype interviews, daily hellos to the postman and impromptu business meetings. You might also imagine ‘Working without a boss is amazing, I don’t have any annoying colleagues either, I’m loving this.’ The reality means: a tons of projects to finish and days without seeing your friends or family. (If you need me to crash your dreams, just call me)

Stay In Shape When Working From Home on NinetyCo by Jessica Woods

Stay In Shape

When it comes to working out, it’s exactly the same. When I first created my business I thought, quite naively, that I would have so much time for myself I could work out, cook 3 meals a day and still go out at night. I was so wrong it’s almost laughable. I work 6 days a week —I’m writing this post on a Saturday at 11:44am, and 8 hours a day. The only way I’m not crawling under tons of work, tears and gray hair is because I’m planning my days like a proper business woman.

From 8am to 9am: My alarm goes off at 8 every morning and I eat breakfast right after. I’m usually having some muesli and fruits. I then read my mails and moderate the comments I had on the blog during the night (timezones while running a business is hard).

From 9am to 10am: I work out. I have an exercise bike and usually train for 30min. After that I do a series of squats, pushups and a bit of yoga to cool down. I’m in the shower around 9:45am.

From 10am to 12pm: I work on the blog, either by planning posts, writing some, contacting people and so on.

Stay In Shape When Working From Home on NinetyCo by Jessica Woods

Lunch Time

Every single day I at least take an hour break. I need it to clear my head, eat healthy and just enjoy some time off. I’m a designer and run a blog, without any surprise I spend most of my days sitting at my desk. To stay in shape, working out won’t do it all. I try to eat vegetables twice a day, and I alternate vegan meals, fish and meat. Today it almost seems shameful to eat meat but I’m French, I was raised with red wine, brie and cold meats and let’s say it’s hard to get rid of traditions. As long as I’m healthy it’s all that matters in my opinion. Most of the time, I eat a main course, a bit of cheese and some desert, either composed of fruits or a yogurt.

Back to work, I usually don’t stop from 1pm to 7pm. I won’t go into too much details but the afternoon is reserved for photoshoots, printing and proper creativity. I work simultaneously on Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, either for professional projects or montages for the blog. I also take care of the shop, the orders and the boring financial parts of working solo. If I have to go out for groceries and to post some packages, I usually go out around 3pm.

Stay In Shape When Working From Home on NinetyCo by Jessica Woods

Snacking And Drinking

Every day around 4, it’s tea time for me! I stop working, take 30min off and eat a fruit or some chocolate. Another essential to stay in shape while working is to drink a lot. When you’re absorbed in your thoughts, it can be quite the hardship to think about drinking, this is why I always have a jar filled with water on my workspace. This is the key I’m telling you.

All in all, to stay in shape while working from home, you have to take breaks. Seriously, I’m not even kidding, otherwise you’re going to kill yourself. Even if it’s for a walk around your flat: please get up, move your muscles and deep breath. Drink a lot of water, eat enough to have energy throughout the day and plan your day to make sure you’re not overworking.

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  • Cat

    Going to try to structure my weekends this way so they don’t become perpetual ‘cheat days’ this year. Great tips!

    • Jessica

      That’s such a great initiative! You go girl 😉

  • Joan

    Great tips and advice! I needed to read this. Btw there’s a typo from 10 am -12 am, should be pm! Just a heads up 🙂

    • Jessica

      Ah thanks, sometimes proofreading and proofreading again just isn’t enough 😉 Thanks for stopping by Joan!

  • Joy

    enjoyed your post, thanks for sharing

  • Dominique

    This is a perfect post for me, as I work from home and have no self discipline when it comes to snacking and eating healthy!! xx

    • Jessica

      To be completely honest with you, I was the exact same before and now look at me! I’ve made it girl 😉

  • Sophia

    Such a great post! 🙂

  • Merel van Poorten

    This is a great post. thank you for the inspiration babe!

    X Merel

  • Jen

    This is such a helpful post! I enjoyed reading it ♥

  • Amy Arnold

    Good tips! I think it is much harder when working from home.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • Jessica

      At first I have to admit it was hard to focus on my objectives but with some motivation everything is possible!

  • Shyscout

    Thank you for the pointers. I really need to get moving :]

    • Jessica

      You’ll feel so much better after, I promise

  • Lena

    This is very inspirational! Keeping hydrated and working out are definitely important in staying physically and mentally strong. Great share hun 🙂 xo~ Lena

  • Maria

    I love working from home because its so much easier to make healthy eating choices and I don’t grab something un-nutritious when I am in a hurry. I also have found time blocking to be so important. Otherwise, my day would feel chaotic.

    I am so glad to hear you also say that afternoons are your most creative times. I feel the same way!

    • Jessica

      I’m so glad to read your comment Maria. I love to hear about other people’s schedules to compare it to mine and I notice ours are quite similar. Keep up the good work 😉

  • Daniela

    I wish I had your discipline! But it is soo inspiring to read your daily routine! I will try to make and KEEP similar daily schedule as yours. Thank you so much for sharing it. You have a beautiful blog!


    • Jessica

      You have no idea how happy I am to read you Daniela. It’s so rewarding when my tips really help. I hope you’ll be able to keep up with the schedule and be as productive and healthy!

  • Ciara

    Your job sounds amazing, yet so challenging. I envy and admire your work ethic! I could be so easy to sit all day and let the work pile up, but you are clearly incredibly motivated and determined to stay on top of things. Although I don’t work from home, you have inspired me to be more organised when it comes to school work and blogging! Thanks x

    • Jessica

      It is quite challenging, I can’t lie, and I still have days where every task seems endless and I go to bed feeling disappointed. Even with my super schedule! I wish you the best of luck and lots of courage for school Ciara 🙂

  • Emily

    I work from home a few times a week, and I actually find it a little easier to make my workouts! I think it’s because by the time the end of the day rolls around, I am eager to get out of the house and get some human interaction haha. Your schedule sounds amazing! Though I’m not sure I could work from home every day of the week. I like that I do have an office to come in to. 🙂


    • Jessica

      I totally understand your point on social interaction. You have no idea how happy I am to go to the bakery or to the post office now that I’m working from home haha

  • Lisa

    Great post! I am such a snacker so working from home is super tricky!

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Jessica

      We have a massive jar of candies at home and the temptation is huge! I try not to stare at it 😉

  • Chris

    Love this post! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Chris | BlandByName

  • Jane

    Love all these great tips! Happy New Year!
    xo, Jane

  • mallory

    your blog is so pretty!! Thanks for these tips!


    • Jessica

      Thank you so much for your kind words Mallory!

  • Patricia

    Such a nice post, love all the advices!!
    Really love your blog,
    Thanks for all the inspiration**

    • Jessica

      I’m so happy you enjoyed this post Patricia

  • Jalisa

    I was nodding my head the entire time reading what your day is like because it sounds much like mine 🙂 Working from home and having your own business is no easy task and from the outside it can appear as the dream job, but little do people know the amount of planning and time that’s needed in order to make it all work! I love that you shared what you eat for lunch, especially since you’re French. My mom works at UN and has a lot of French colleges and always boasts about the lifestyle in general, including the diet 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing, girlie, and I hope you’re having a great week so far!



    • Jessica

      Thank you Jalisa for your comment. I think many business owners have a similar day after a while, we each find what works best for us and try to apply it every single day.

      I try to stay as real as possible when talking about entrepreneurship because I learned most of these tips the hard way!

  • SUsanne - Bag at you

    Love your work schedule and you discipline! Thank you for sharing your tips! Xx Susanne –

    • Jessica

      Now that I’m used to it, it seems impossible to work differently!

  • Katie @ Domesticate Kate

    I love how structured you are! I always worry about working from home because I’m so distractible.

    • Jessica

      That’s why I included breaks throughout the day. I need some distraction as well but I tried to schedule it 😉

  • Mercy

    I enjoyed reading this, I like how somebody manage being fit while working from home. I’m on my 2 weeks leave staying at home with kids, very difficult to manage and hardly have time to exercise. Nice to see that you can do it really well.

    • Jessica

      To be honest with you, I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep this schedule in a few years. Adding kids to the equation is a lot of work.

  • Zorica

    So many handy tips…
    Thanks for sharing

  • Tori//

    Great advice! These are all things I’ve either had to learn myself the hard way or am still trying to learn so It’s great to hear from someone else. I know these thoughts will also be really helpful for new bloggers, thanks for sharing!

    • Jessica

      I’ve learned these the hard way too… That’s why I thought about sharing it, working from home isn’t that easy!

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