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White Tiles In The Bathroom

INTERIOR / White Tiles In The Bathroom — NinetyCo

The next stop in my Home Inspiration tour is… the bathroom. Related: White Overall With Wood Accents


Today the reason I’ve decided to talk a bit more about that room we can either stay a few minutes in to wash our hands, or hours if we take a bath, is simply because it’s a room I adore. A marble counter, full-length mirrors, a colorful and comfy rug, it all sounds like heaven to me. In a bathroom, one of my essential is also a window. Don’t you hate it when you have to turn on the light every hour of the day?

INTERIOR / White Tiles In The Bathroom — NinetyCo
INTERIOR / White Tiles In The Bathroom — NinetyCo

white tiles

Many of the pictures of this post are showing white tiles, copper and gold accents. Do you want to know why? Simply because I’ve became obsessed with those three. Have you also noticed those rounded mirrors? They’re absolutely everywhere and I couldn’t love it more. (That’s probably why I actually ordered one online a few hours ago, as I’m starting to gather some items for my new house. I just can’t wait to put it on the wall.)

INTERIOR / White Tiles In The Bathroom — NinetyCo

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What are you looking for in a bathroom?

40 comments on “White Tiles In The Bathroom

  1. These are bathroom of dreams!
    We have three bathrooms to update this year so this is just what I needed to get inspired!

    Thankyou for sharing.

    Santina Harrison /

    1. I’m so happy this post could help you Santina 🙂

  2. I love white tiles in bathrooms, they open up the space so much (especially if there’s a window as well!) xx

    1. I totally agree! Add a mirror and your room looks huge

  3. My gosh lovely interior styling

    xxx, Eva

  4. Oh my goodness loving all of this!!! My husband and I are trying to buy a house so I am really into remodeling ideas right now haha The patterned tiles are my favorite right now.
    xx Annie

    1. Congrats on the project, I hope you’ll find a house you like soon enough, so you can get started on the decoration!

  5. Love white tile in the bathroom!

    1. I’ve became obsessed since then!

  6. This inspo is just so good, have saved some on the Pinterest! Thank you for sharing, white tiles in bathrooms are just the best! Xx

    1. Thank you for stopping by, I’m glad you enjoyed this post!

  7. I am OBSESSED with white tiles. If I point out subway tiles in a restaurant to my boyfriend one more time, I’m pretty sure he’ll get up and leave me.

    1. I do get your obsession, perhaps you should try to make your boyfriend just as addicted as you!

  8. I love simple subway and penny titles. My dream bathroom would have lots of white and bright sunlight seeping in through the windows 🙂

    1. I sure hope someday you’ll have your dream house!

  9. You’ve got a great blog!! xx

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words!

  10. Wonderful !

  11. Love when bathrooms are white and have a lot of natural light! Gives the space a clean feeling =o)
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. And it’s perfect for your routine, not having bright lamps blinding you when applying your mascara or lotion.

  12. These bathrooms are all so gorgeous!


    Tamara –

  13. These are the bathroom goals! Love them all!

    1. They are, aren’t they? I wish I could totally redo my bathroom decor.

  14. Such a great inspiration – amazing bathrooms!
    xx. Mirjam //

    1. So glad you loved this post Mirjam!

  15. Loved that pics, amazing!
    – Bianca Unhas

  16. Lovely post! I had never thought of a bathroom with white tiles but I actually like them now that I’ve seen these photos. Thank you for sharing, I’ll send you some photos if I ever turn mine white! 🙂 xx

    1. That would be awesome of you!

  17. I just love white interiors.. these are to die for! Please do stop by my blog and leave a comment or follow, I would love to stay in touch with you, you seem lovely! x

    1. White interiors give such an amazing atmosphere!

  18. Wonderful post, interior goals!

    -xx, Sia

    1. Don’t I know? It’s so inspiring for my own house!

  19. Such dreamy bathrooms! Love!


    1. It puts my current bathroom to shame….

  20. These bathrooms are soooo dreamy! I could never pick a favorite haha. I love them all!


    1. The best compromise would be to mix elements from each of those pictures.

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