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Red, Pink & Heart Shape

This year, I won’t be celebrating Valentine’s Day. I’m clearly not in the right mindset to start a new relationship and 2017 is all about focusing on me, my friends, my family and my career. From time to time, we definitely need some ‘me time’ and for me, this will be a ‘me year’.

For four days this week, I have a friend coming over and we’re going to enjoy this time off to take care of ourselves. Museum, nice restaurant, movie theater, you name it. This week is all about us. Why am I telling you this? Because I can’t work and rest at the same time. This week, my engagement on your respective blogs is going to be quite low. And NinetyCo won’t be my top priority.

Valentine’s Day

Even though I won’t celebrate the holiday, I still decided to pick for you nine products I really like. I went all in and thought ‘love cliché’. Red, pink, heart shape, that’s all I focused on.

Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?

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