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How To Write The Perfect Media Kit

As a blog owner, you must have already read some tips to grow your audience or increase the traffic. You most certainly tried to get more followers on Instagram too. However, did you ever think about your Media Kit?

What is it? A short document made to help other brands learn a bit more about you, distributed for promotional use. That sounds interesting, right? A media kit aims to give more information about your blog for a potential partnership. Many brands, when asking to collaborate, will ask about your reach aka your total number of followers. Why? The brand will immediately know if working with you could be worthy. As you know, business is business.

By having a media kit ready to be sent, you won’t have to panic every time you receive a email anymore. You just have to keep it updated.

How to Write The Perfect Media Kit as a Blogger — NinetyCo

The perfect Media Kit

1. brand name and brand description

While it might seem evident to some of you, I think it’s important to remind it. For the people reading your kit, it might be the first time they hear about your business and you wouldn’t want them to miss out important information. Whether you want to talk about your business only, or you and your business, it’s totally up to you, but you have to balance your content. Don’t write too much but but share enough details, this document is about one or two pages, and you have to make sure you give just the right amount of data. I advise you to write about your job, your position, the nature of your blog and the services you offer; your specialities or the topics you post about.

2. contact information

Make sure to write your website address, your phone number and your business location. It would be too bad to share your kit and have potential clients never contacting you because they couldn’t find a way to reach you.

3. your audience

Talk about the demographic of your audience (age, sex, industry, location). It’s important for your promotion but also for yourself. You need to know about this, it helps you share content in agreement with what your readers or viewers look for. Why would you share the best spots in Australia if most of your audience lives in Spain and barely travels? If a brand receives your Media Kit and want to offer you a partnership, they need to know ahead if you can both be good co-workers. To do so, use analytics tools.

My favorite: Google Analytics.

4. your clients and sponsors

This document is basically made to help you sell your blog. Mention the people you’ve worked with, show your worth, make the people love you and want you! If you’ve already had some major partnerships, mention it too, don’t be afraid to show your success.

5. your numbers

Don’t hesitate to share your numbers of page views and unique visitors. Nowadays, knowing how many people you reach is everything. A brand won’t come at you if you’re only reaching 50 people a day. It doesn’t mean those people don’t interact and are less interesting, unfortunately for you, the more people you reach, the more brands contact you and the more clients are bound to ask for your services. Knowing you’re reaching many people means your work is trusted. (In my opinion, this kind of sucks… but as I said earlier, business is business.)

6. your social networks

Today, only having an online portfolio or a blog isn’t enough. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram, have all made themselves an important place and brands don’t hesitate to use those as tools to grow their audience. More audience = more potential clients. Put some social icons on your Media Kit, share the amount of followers, and you’re good to go on the social sphere.

7. your partnership opportunities

This is optional, but you can also list the types of ads you’re willing to display or the articles you wouldn’t mind posting. For example, mention banner ads, sponsored articles and ambassadorships.

I hope this post was helpful!

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    1. Thank you! So happy to help 🙂

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  4. Very helpful! I like how direct your list is. I’ll definitely keep these tips and tricks in mind. 🙂

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  5. This is such great advice! This would really come in handy when pitching to PR companies

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  6. Mine used to be 4 pages but I’ve managed to reduce it down to 3. I agree that 2 pages is probably ideal

    1. I do think it is, but if you have many things to share I guess 3 is alright 😉

  7. Awesome and helpful tips!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  8. These tips would have been so helpful when I was writing my Media Kit a few weeks ago, wahhh! Luckily I managed to get a lot of these things on my kit. Woot! It was pretty fun to make. 🙂


    1. You got it girl! Great job 😉

  9. such a helpful article

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  10. Great tips! I made a media kit last year, haven’t really been asked for it yet but I found putting it together was a great way to understand my offering and audience!

    Alya / moorizZLA xx

    1. It’s such a helpful tool!

  11. This is so helpful! Thank you so much for sharing these details! Gotta start working on my media kit now!


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    1. Let’s be honest Sophie, I’m not the best when it comes to Instagram. I’d say it’s important to keep an aesthetic, to match the content of your blog and to interact with other accounts 🙂

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  18. this is absolutely brilliant! simple and effective, i noticed my media kit is lacking in some points, so I can improve it. thanks youuuu jessica

    xx from Brighton
    Cate ღ

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